A beautiful farm in the foothills of Peak Alone in the Wandella Valley. 
           As a conscientious and diverse farmer, I offer many different services and products
           based on my experiences in farming for over 35 years.

           I have been growing chemical free vegetables and raising all types of livestock
           for a very long time and love to share what I have learned with people from all walks of life. 

           Livestock on my place includes cattle, sheep, goats, poultry, mules, horses and now 3 CAMELS, which I am
           very excited about! 
           ***Update! Camels settling in nicely!

           I love to be able to grow my own food, whether it is meat, eggs or fruit and vegetables
           and know that it is grown with care or no chemicals. There is nothing better than having a
           meal with everything on the plate coming from my own ´backyard´, be it a 95 acre

           Let me share my products and knowledge with you........

   New courses being added all the time - *NEW* Home Poultry Processing

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